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What do you want to improve this year?

I am anxious. I am excited! I am nervous. I am struggling just to write this. For fear that my words won't come out the way I want them to and for propelling this idea into action. It's the tiny voice saying, "Would anybody really read this?" I'm here now and I'm showing up. It's time for me to step more into the light.

I am someone who enjoys sharing my experiences with others in hopes to find a similar connection. I love to journal and show my pictures. I want to expand on that more. I wanna ask what I am thinking and say what I'm feeling. I want to open a conversation. I want to improve my relationships with all things. Most of all, I want to inspire and be inspired. This project has been a long time in the making. What a better way to start off the new year than with a re-purposed website and new intentions! I hope you enjoy what I post in this space. And I hope you'll share your comments, thoughts, ideas and suggestions along the way.

Can we talk about New Years resolutions for a sec? I haven't made a real, formal one in at least 10 years. I prefer the word "improvement" better. A lot less pressure. What if we could, for the next 12 months, just focus on what we can just do better? My list for this year is ready and so am I! More on that later. So tell me - what do you want to improve this year? How do you want to feel when you get there? Leave me a comment below.

Thank you so much for visiting and reading! Love,

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