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"What you appreciate appreciates."

Adulting is hard, but tonight, I sit in gratitude having finished paying my bills for the month.

I grew up in a financially sound environment. That space is something that is very important to me now as I live independently. I do my best to save money, but don't call me cheap. I have been blessed with lessons on how to watch my pennies and put away enough for my retirement. I'm well on my way to that success and on my own terms (pat on the back). I try my best not to take my paycheck for granted as I have been without one before. I enjoy sharing my good fortune with others by giving back to the community whenever I can, an occasional splurge on my family and friends, or once in a while paying for the car behind me at Starbucks. And sure, I am a consumer just like you all. I enjoy nice things. A great car. Modern furnishings for my home. Coffee and croissants. Amazing vacations. The latest styles in clothes. Yet, I feel I have never really been in a soulful relationship with money. Until recently.

Early on this year, I read Lynn Twist's book "The Soul of Money" after having heard her discuss it on a podcast. What really stood out to me in her discussion is the quote of my blog post today. "What you appreciate appreciates." When you spend money on things you appreciate, it will always pay dividends in the form of gratitude. I fell back on her words for several months as I was redecorating some rooms in my house. My long list of wants got smaller and smaller as I thought carefully through what would really bring more love into these rooms by 1) not draining my bank account and 2) giving me the utmost appreciation and joy. It became all about sufficiency through my own values rather than the values of consumerism.

I now truly understand my feelings when I redesigned my guestroom, Room 406, last summer. I saved and researched and tuned into my spirit to make my vision a reality. When it was completed, I stood in the doorway and cried. I was full of so much happiness and pride at that moment. I put my hard-earned money towards something that spoke to my soul. So, instead of grumbling about paying my bills yet again, I wish to be more grateful that I have the access and power to create my own happiness.

How do you feel when it comes time to pay your bills? Lemme know. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

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